Free Microsoft Training Resources

The best things in life are often free…… are these training resources!


I know how hard it is to find good training resources and there are many books and courses for sale.

If you want to get certified, you have to purchase a training or course, but as additive, you could use these free resources. If you don’t want to get certified, but just want a quick training then these free resources are a must to visit:

Microsoft Virtual Academy
Description: Free training courses on several topics of the newest technologies. There is a bit of gamification build in: the more courses you complete, the more points you earn and the more discounts you can get.

Microsoft Virtual Labs
Description: hands-on training on several technologies. The training is short but you get a feeling how the technologie works.

Microsoft TechNet
Description: This is the online Microsoft encyclopedia for IT Professionals. Everything you possible need to know is…

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